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Luling Watertower

Luling, Texas - "Crossroads to Everywhere"
Luling, the southern gateway to Caldwell County, is located at the crossroads of Hwy 183, Hwy 90, Hwy 80 and Hwy 86, one mile north of Interstate 10. Luling is named the "Crossroads to Everywhere" because of its central location to several major Texas cities.
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45 miles Southeast of Austin, TX on Hwy 183
55 miles East of San Antonio, TX on I-10
139 miles East of Houston, TX on I-10
148 miles Northwest of Victoria, TX on I-10

Luling was established in 1874 as the railhead of the newly constructed Sunset branch of the Southern Union Pacific Railroad. Because of the town's central location Luling became the gathering point for cattle drivers on the Chisolm Trial and into Chihuahua, Mexico. As a result the town grew considerably. Because the railroad brought many drifters into town Luling became know as the "toughest town in Texas."

Naming A Town
How the town acquired its name is not known for certain. The Handbook of Texas reports the town was named for the wife of the former president of the Galveston, Harrisburg and San Antonio railroads. Presumably her maiden name was Luling.

Another story has it that a Chinese laundry man, named Ling Lu or Lu Ling, came with the railroad construction gang and set up shop to launder for the local gentlemen. Some believe the town was named after him.

Oil Discovered
Cotton and cattle were the mainstay of the local economy for almost fifty years. On August 9th, 1922, Edgar B. Davis' Rafael Rios No. 1 blew in, opening an oil field 12 miles long and 2 miles wide. This began Luling's second economic boom. Thousands of oil field workers came to the community and constructed a tent city along the railroad tracks. By 1924 the oil field was producing 11 million barrels of oil a year.

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